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Let’s face it; teenagers are not the most responsible people in the world. They have a lot going on and can often do things that are very irresponsible. Their being irresponsible can affect the safety and security of your household. If you have children who also have keys to your house, just consider the lack of security you will have if they misplace or lose their house key. The same is true of anyone in the household who has a key and loses it. Your homes security is now compromised. We only mentioned teenagers because they are not as careful as older ones when it comes to things of this nature. However, with the advances in technology, there is something that you can do to minimize the possibility of lost or stolen house keys. Many homeowners are finding out just how beneficial it is to have a keyless entry. The keyless entry allows you to get in and out of an area without the use of a physical key. It not only eliminates the need for a key but it also offers you a greater amount of convenience. If this isn’t enough to convince you of going keyless, perhaps these things will.

Benefits of Keyless Entry

  • When you divorce or separate from a spouse, you can quickly change the access code to prevent them from gaining access.
  • The need for keys is eliminated
  • Keys are not duplicated
  • No one can get inside without knowing the code
  • You can set codes for service providers and quickly change it after the job has been completed
  • You can open remotely from your smartphone
  • You can program your keypad to provide access to someone at specific times on specific days
  • It decreases the chance of burglary when there is no lock to be compromised

Now if you’re a business owner, you already know the value of having keyless entry. However, if you do not, here are some things for commercial business owners to consider.

  • You can monitor who is coming and going
  • Employees can be quickly added and deleted from the keyless entry system. Your other employees do not have to be affected by these changes
  • Employees can receive access into specific areas during specific times of the day
  • You can disable the system to keep employees out after-hours
  • Management can be offered access into areas where other employees are not able to access
  • Instead of having someone sign people in and out, your system can keep track of this information for you
  • Theft is decreased
  • You can keep track of how many people are in your building at any specific time of the day.

Since this type of entry allows for quick and easy access, it is no wonder they are placed in government buildings, hospitals and schools. With so much foot traffic, it could become a little congested if proper steps were not taken to avoid this from occurring. There are several types of keyless entry locks available to you. Here are some of the most popular.

  • Electronic Keypad Locks – This is one of the most popular types of keyless locks.
  1. If a code is compromised, it can be reprogrammed quickly. It can even be reprogrammed from a remote location.
  2. Specific codes can be given to each person with access or one for the entire family. If you are a business owner, you will likely want each employee to have a different code.
  3. It doesn’t require hard-wiring to be installed. This means it’s not very expensive to have it installed.
  4. When there is a power outage, most models offer an override feature, which will still offer you access into your home or business.
  • Electronic Keypad Lever Combination – This is another popular keyless entry option. However, this one is better suited for businesses rather than homes.
  1. A fob key is used instead of a traditional key
  2. They can be programmed based on the proximity of the transmitter
  3. They come with override feature that will allow you to open the door when there is an emergency
  4. Any access code can be quickly reprogrammed
  5. Access codes can be programmed and reprogrammed remotely
  6. Battery operated models are available
  7. They monitor who is coming in and out of the building
  • Intercom System – This is a valuable system that works for home or a business. It is a system that is used most often in apartment buildings and businesses. This system gives homeowners the ability to speak to who is approaching their home before giving them access inside. You will often notice that before you are able to just walk into someone’s apartment, you will have to call them on a call box. This call box has an intercom. You look up the tenants name and press the button associated with their name. Once they respond, they the door will disengage and you will have access inside. If this system ever needs to be replaced, our technicians at Locksmith in San Bernardino will be able to use the existing wiring. After someone moves out, the code is then deactivated and a new one is generated for the next tenant. This affords tenants an extra layer of security and they are able to easily access the building with the use of a fob key instead of a traditional key.

With all of these advantages, it is no wonder so many homeowners and businesses use the keyless entry. Once thought of as something only rich people invested in, the keyless entry is now accessible to everybody regardless of their finances. Manufacturers see the benefit in offering this to homeowners and now offer it in every price point. With the amount of burglaries that occur today, people are always trying to find ways to prevent it from happening to them. If you are one of these people, you might just consider the level of security offered with a keyless entry.