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Do you need help from a locksmith? Would you like to know how to hire one? Locksmith in San Bernardino should know; after all, we are an established, highly regarded, full-service lock and key firm that services the entire San Bernardino, CA metro area with many highly satisfied customers that call us again and again for premium quality, 24-hour locksmith service. Of course you can always call us for help with your locks and keys, but what if you live somewhere else, or you just want to know the best ways in which to select a solid performing, highly professional locksmith company?

Just call any locksmith, right?

Um, no! This is the wrong way to go about hiring a good locksmith. The sad truth of the matter is that many people go through more effort selecting a cleaning service than they would a locksmith. Sure, clean is important, but so are your safety and security. Throw in the protection of your loved ones and belongings and you can see how choosing the best locksmith for your hard earned dollar is important.

Insist on a license

This surprises many people. They sometimes feel that they are paying more for “a piece of paper” and concentrate more on getting a lower price or bid. Big mistake! The truth of the matter is that with a tiny bit of effort, you can find a fully licensed, bonded, and insured San Bernardino, CA locksmith company that is not only affordable, but is skilled, experienced and great to work with, too!

Oddly enough, many of the people saying that you don’t need to hire licensed lock and key help are the ones that didn’t pass the tests or requirements needed to actually gain a license. But think about it; would you go to an unlicensed doctor or attorney? Would you let a dentist work on your teeth if he or she never got certified? Remember; you are not hiring cleaning help or a baby sitter. Your quest is to hire a person that can properly and professionally service the locks and keys to your home, car or business! Let that sink in for a minute.

Anyone can make keys, right?

At first, this is a good observation. It’s partly true. You can take your house key to any local home improvement store or mail center and someone there will most likely be able to copy it for you. So far; so good. Now, let’s say that your house gets broken into and you need new locks installed on your door tonight; before you go to sleep or leave for work in the morning. Can you call your clerk from the convenience store and have him come over? A locksmith does more than just make house calls. He is a specialist in lock protection. A proper locksmith will be able to repair the lock damage done or install a newer, better lock in its place.

Another example would be your car keys. If you lose or break your car’s transponder key, you would have to call upon your car dealership to supply you a new one. That key would have to be programmed and duplicated at the dealership and you would have to bring your car in to do it. This would involve a big price tag, long service area waits and tow fees too, as your car won’t run without a proper key.

On the other hand, a full service automotive locksmith in San Bernardino, CA would simply come to your location and cut and program a key for you on-site. The convenience is astounding and the price would only be a fraction of what the dealer charges. The quality would be equal or better, too. Are you starting to see where hiring an experienced and licensed professional is vital for good customer service and proper locksmith quality?

Start calling now!

What? Call now? What if you don’t need a locksmith yet? Actually, this is the best time of all to call. Think about it. When do most people call for a locksmith? It’s when they need one immediately! Maybe they just go locked out or lost their keys. Maybe their home was burglarized and the locks were damaged. We agree; call a locksmith when you need one, but have one picked out beforehand so that when the need arises, he or she is already selected and on speed dial on your smart phone!

Insist on these qualities!

Your locksmith of choice needs to be affordable; not cheap, but fair in price and honest. Look for a shop that offers free price quotes along with good customer service. Many of your better establishments also provide no-obligation consultations and friendly telephone assistance anytime needed.

Emergencies happen; that’s a fact of life. Look for a shop that offers 24-hour urgent lock and key help including nights, weekends and holidays. Make sure that fast response times are part of their offering – minutes count when you are having an emergency! Some shops offer live response telephone dispatchers and this is a good thing! Too many emergency messages go unanswered when lost in voice mail or in an outdated answering machine.

Mobile service vehicles are important. Ask your locksmith of choice if theirs are fully gassed, fully stocked, and always ready to come to your aid, 24/7. You don’t want to need a lock professional, only to have him held up because they are waiting on a vehicle.

Your San Bernardino, CA locksmith needs to carry insurance and be bonded. If a mishap occurs on one of the jobs, both you and the lock professional need to be covered. Be sure to ask about this when calling local shops and if the staff shy away from this question or any other, avoid them and call someone else.

It’s worth taking a little time to call, ask questions and find the right locksmith for your needs. Look for the above qualities and you can’t go wrong! Who knows; you may never need to use a great locksmith, but if you do; he’ll already be logged in your mobile devices!