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If you have guns you need a gun safe; it’s that simple! Not only do they protect your loved ones, guests and yourself, they also protect your guns, too! Here in San Bernardino, CA many people have weapons at home, and a proper gun cabinet can not only secure your firearms from children and thieves, but it can also provide protection for your guns from fire, dust, floods and other disasters.

Azusa Safe openingWhat is a gun safe?

Gun safes are also known as gun cabinets. Here at Locksmith in San Bernardino we don’t care what you call them; we just want you to use them if you have guns of any kind at home or at your business. Gun safes are usually made of wood or metal and protect your guns from improper use that can include theft, idle play, dangerous games, curiosity seekers and anyone not authorized to use or handle them. Every year we hear about children, neighbors and guests that accidentally shoot themselves by finding or fooling around with a gun that was loaded and just “lying around” waiting to be found. Having a proper gun safe on the premises helps control the unauthorized use of dangerous firearms that can injure, kill and cause havoc among loved ones and families alike.

Gun accidents can happen anywhere yet people often assume that a loaded gun tucked away in a corner, or under the bed is safe. Out of sight; out of mind doesn’t hold true here or there wouldn’t be so many tragic accidents involving firing a loaded weapon that was within easy reach.

Gun safe also protect your guns!

A well-built gun cabinet can secure your guns from children, nosy guests, neighbors and other household members. It can also protect your weapons from bad weather, fires, floods, dust, excess moisture, wind and even scratches! You can also use your gun safe to store other valuables in. These items can include cash, jewelry, flash drives, documents, stock certificates, licenses, credit cards, car titles and registrations, insurance papers and anything else that you deem valuable and worth securing.

But, what if I need my guns?

Sometimes people call our Locksmith in San Bernardino shop and ask about gun accessibility. They have a point; how can they quickly get to their guns if they need to? After all, aren’t the guns locked up and secure? With the rise in home invasions and burglaries, they seem to have a point! Picture the poor homeowner hearing the sound of a window breaking while lying in bed frozen with fear. With all this stress, they can’t remember where they put the keys to the gun safe or they can’t remember the combination code to the lock. Someone’s in the house and you have loaded guns, but they are locked away in the other room, and there’s no way you can get to them, unlock the cabinet, and defend yourself and your property.

San Bernardino Broken key extractionGet some advice

Here’s where getting professional advice is essential. If you work with the right locksmith shops you can get free consultations, free price quotes and honest, affordable prices on dozens of types and models of gun safes that you can strategically place in your home or office so that fast and easy access for you is practically assured. Many San Bernardino, CA locksmiths offer biometric gun safes so that there is no tedious and time consuming locking and unlocking before you can access your guns. Biometric safes use fingerprint technology to better secure your safe and rule out unauthorized access by children, neighbors or crooks. If this sounds very “science fiction”-like, consider that this amazing technology is already being used in Apple iPhones and many other affordable and useful applications.

Don’t have a big budget?

Don’t worry; you don’t need one! Sure, if you want to spend lots of money on gun safes, you can, but why do that if you don’t need to? You don’t have to opt for second rate quality either! Many locksmith shops including Locksmith in San Bernardino offer affordable options and huge selections of gun safes from different brands and manufacturers. You don’t have to get your gun safe from a San Bernardino, CA locksmith shop, but if you do, you’ll most likely save money and time by having licensed, mobile professionals set you up and do the installation too.

You can also find gun safes at safe stores, home improvement stores, firearms shops, pawn dealers and at local retailers like Sears, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Best Buy and Bass Pro Shops. You can do research on gun safes, prices, and brands by going online at any of the above retailer’s websites or so a simple Google search for “gun safes” or “gun cabinets” and check there for prices, shipping charges, warranties, model types and other pertinent facts that might help you make a selection. Don’t forget Amazon! Here you can not only select a great gun safe for your needs, but you can also check reviews from other consumers. Bear in mind that there will always be complainers and a few negative reviews as opposed to a greater amount of positive ones shouldn’t worry you.

Gently use gun safes?

Yes, you can go “used” when buying a gun safe by checking pawn shops, Craigslist, local garage sales, second hand stores and police auctions. We highly encourage you NOT to buy damaged gun safes that offer little to no protection other than a place to lean your weapons inside. The old adage “you get what you pay for” holds true here.

Be creative

By this we mean think outside the box and consider unusual or diversion gun safes. These are creatively made gun safes that don’t look like what they really are. Most people that don’t know they are actually gun safes will not even recognize them as they can be quite stealthy in appearance. For instance, they might be hidden under the stairs or built into a bookcase or table. Many of them are actually part of the furniture, and since they don’t look like a gun safe, people don’t see them as such!